Experimental Study On the Relationship Between Kidney Yang Deficiency and Blood Stasis

The purpose is to discuss the rules of development and changes between kidney yang deficiency and blood stasis and provide experimental basis for Invigorating Kidney and Activating Blood Method. Method: make animal model of kidney yang deficiency, choose 37 WiStar mice and it is divided into control group, model group and treatment group. Observe the changes of animal appearance, general signs, organ weight and blood lipid, etc. Result: In model group, mice have sparse fur and low spirit and they are lazy, loose stool and purple earlobe capillaries. In model group, the weight of adrenal glands and seminal vesicle are lower than that in control group and serum testosterone level is low. In model group, serum TC and LDL-C are obvious higher, TG increases little and HDL-C decreases. Conclusion: Kidney yang deficiency is along with blood stasis, and the delay of blood stasis may cause kidney yang deficiency.

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