Medicated Bath

Medicated bath is one external application and its main function is to expel toxins from blood vessels and tissues.

1. The Effects of Medicated Bath

With the help of hot medicinal soup bath, medicines can dredge the meridian, promote qi and blood flow, open pores, dredge the acupoints and increase urine to reduce edema.

The active ingredients of Chinese medicines can enter your kidneys along the meridians through skin pores and acupoints. They can clear the lung, dredge collaterals, warm the kidney and strengthen yang so as to restore the lung qi and kidney secretion function. Toxic substances can be removed via sweats and urine.

2. Medication Guide

Medical soup is 5000ml and temperature is 35-40 centigrade. Temperature can be adjusted based on specific illness condition. It lasts about 40-90 minutes. Adjust the treatment time based on patient’s condition. At the same time, point massage to improve the curative effect. Short course is 7 days and long course is 49 days.

3. Short-term efficacy

Stable reduce of body weight; increased immunity; relieved joint pain; improved sleep quality and appetite; warm hands and feet; sweats; relieved swelling and improved skin color; relieved skin itch.

4. Attention

Pay attention to the water temperature in case of burn. If diabetes patients have poor temperature and pain sensibilities, they should be careful.

Patients with abnormal hypertension should take medicines against the disease.

contraindicated in pregnancy