Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion Therapy is one kind of traditional Chinese medicine, it refers to a treatment that fumigating and roasting specific acupoints with a small bundle burning and close-knit herbs or wormwood. Sometimes, it is used together with acupuncture.

As mentioned above, Moxibustion Therapy is associated with the burning wormwood. There are two forms of Moxibustion Therapy: direct application and indirect application.

Direct application is used earlier than indirect application and it involves acupuncture. Direct Moxibustion Therapy is to place the burning mugwort stick directly on the acupuncture points, however, this is a very painful and potential scarring treatment. This therapy is further divided into two types: scarring type and non-scarring type.

In non-scarring Direct Moxibustion Therapy, mugwort stick is placed on acupuncture point, light it, but it will be moved away before burning skin, patients will be happy to feel the heat permeates into deep skin, no any pain, blister or scar, unless mugwort stick stays for too long.

In scarring Direct Moxibustion Therapy, mugwort stick is placed on acupuncture point, light it, but stays at the point until it burns completely. So, this therapy may cause the blisters on local skin.

Indirect Moxibustion Therapy is to burn mugwort stick above the skin or on the top of removed acupuncture needle, so patients are rarely harmed.

The Effects to Kidney Disease

Most of kidney diseases are chronic diseases of renal function damage. Based on Chinese medicine theory, most chronic disease patients have symptoms of body deficiency or congestion. Even some patients have fever symptom. This is because the real factor of cold lurks in your body and tries to create your own body balance and then fever symptoms occur.

Burning moxa can warm channels and expel cold so as to promote blood circulation. In kidney disease patients, it can improve immunity to provide a good internal environment for restoring damaged tissues and improve renal function.

Aside from treating kidney disease, Moxibustion Therapy can also relieve some other symptoms like high blood pressure, fatigue, pain, low immunity and bad mood, etc.

The side effects of Moxibustion Therapy

If you choose Moxibustion Therapy directly, it may damage your local skin and cause blisters.

If you take mugwort and wormwood essential oil orally, it can cause toxic reaction. Although moxa is less toxic, it is only applied on skin.

Besides, Moxibustion Therapy can not be used on diabetic patients.


For many people, Moxibustion Therapy is a safe treatment for treating chronic illnesses. However, it is not suitable for everyone. It has good curative effects on patients with cold or congestion. It is not suitable for fever patients.

If you suffer from respiratory tract infection or other relative diseases, you are not suggested to take Moxibustion Therapy. Because burning moxa will produce lots of smoke or irritating odor.