Egyptian Patient Marvels At The Miraculous Effect Of Special Chinese Treatment.

A Tour Guide with Kidney Disease from Egypt Came to China for TreatmentI am Lima, 37 years of age, and I come from Egypt. My job, a tour guide, lets me cannot have a regular diet and rest, which makes me malnourished and anemia. And 6 yeas ago, chronic lupus nephritis was diagnosed.

Thanks for Chinese medical skill very much, all of the doctors and nurses in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital are very friendly. They answered me many questions about Chinese medicine patiently. How miraculous the Chinese medicine is!

Blood test is needed nearly every day in Egyptian hospital, but in China, only one or two times blood test will be ok, which will not aggravate my anemia. Chinese medicine also has many dietotherapies for health wellness, they are really so great.

6 years ago, I felt a little discomfortable, blood urine appeared first, I felt weak and fatigue, and sometimes even vomiting, I thought it was intestines and stomach problems, so I did not care about them too much, still busy at work, and flied around the world.

I fell in a faint in the toilet one night in Japan, luckily, a good man took me to the local hospital, then I was told that I had serious kidney diseases.

I was treated in many hospitals in Egypt and Europe, and my illness condition was sometimes good, sometimes bad. On a visit to the website, I saw Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital on Facebook, and that was the first time I knew about Chinese medicine. At that time, my creatinine level was 300, Chinese therapies can effectively control the development of the disease without side effects, but I did not know too much about the culture of Chinese medicine, so I did not believe Chinese medicine.

One of my Chinese friend encouraged me much after knowing that I had kidney disease. She told me that there is a big difference between Chinese therapies and western medicine, so she advised me to come to China for a try.

November 16, 2017 was my first day to come to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. After my arrival, my doctor asked my illness history, family history and symptoms in detail. The doctor listened to my heart and lungs with stethoscope, and then let me rest first. At the second day, I did a full check up, expert consultation and then doctor gave me a systematic treatment plan. I began my treatment. Some Chinese medicine treatments made me happy and comfortable such as Medicated Bath and Du-Moxibustion. Without blood test and medical instrument test, the doctor could know my condition through feeling my pulse and seeing my face, which really surprised me. I felt it was amazing.

When I just came to China, my body had obvious swelling. My creatinine level increased to 500umol/L, blood pressure was 120mmHg, proteinuria was 3+, occult blood was 1+ and body weight was 59.8kg. I suffered from stage 5 Lupus Nephritis, renal anemia and renal hypertension and other problems. My Egyptian doctor suggested me to take steroid therapy but the side effects of steroids are unacceptable. It may affect my body shape and my skin may turn bad.

In China, with the systematic Chinese medicine treatments, my high creatinine level was reduced and swelling also disappeared. And with the aid of Chinese Medicinal Diet, my anemia got improved. Thanks for the god rather than complaints. I have to mention that the amazing of Chinese medicine treatment-Detoxification Therapy gave me best treatment effect. In my final check up, my physical indexes were nearly to normal. Thankfully I made a correct decision. Without that decision, my nephritis may have developed into an incurable uremia. I am so lucky to get professional and correct treatment. I am not on the way to dialysis and kidney transplant. Really thank you!

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