The Disappearance of Edema Excited Roberto from Peru

I am very grateful to doctors and nurses in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. They solved all my puzzles about Chinese medicine treatment patiently. With their careful treatment, my swelling disappeared. It is so amazing!

I am Roberto Castillo and from Peru. I have diabetes which was treated with oral drugs before, but two years ago, I started insulin. About one year ago, I notice swelling in my feet. This condition disappear quickly, so I did not take it seriously.

I went to local hospital for routine tests, but doctor told me there is no need to worry about it, and I just need to control my blood sugar well. However, three months later, my swelling becomes more serious. At the beginning, swelling only shows in feet, but later it spreads to my two legs. After examination, doctors told me my serum creatinine is high and I need to take hormone drugs.

Terribly, various steroids do not work and finally I even can not walk. During this time, I experience bubbly urine, elevated blood pressure and decreased urine. My doctor tells me he is helpless and I will soon start dialysis.

Actually I have kinda hope at that time. I think I will get recovery after dialysis but my doctor tells me that I must take kidney transplant, otherwise, I have to take dialysis for my rest of life. At this time I feel hopelessness.

I do not want to believe I have no choice. So while I am preparing for dialysis, I search through the internet for other options. When communicating with Chinese doctor, he tells me that many diabetic nephropathy patients from Peru have a stable illness condition and successfully avoid dialysis with Chinese medicine treatments. My condition is not so bad. After communicating with other kidney patients, I decide to come to China for Chinese medicine treatments.

When I arrived at the hospital in China, doctor here felt my pulse and gave me a systemic checkup. He told me that I had proteinuria, high blood pressure, anemia and swelling. At the same time, I was arranged to do Detoxification Therapy, Hot Compress, Foot Bath and other Chinese therapies, among which the bad tasted Chinese medicine impressed me most. After 15 days’ treatment, my edema disappeared, blood pressure returned to normal, creatinine level reduced, and urine output became normal. Thanks to all medical workers in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. It is they that bring me back to healthy.

Hope you can also come to China and receive treatment in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. I think you will have an unexpected surprise. In China, you can not only regain health, but also have a sightseeing as well as tasting the delicious Chinese food. Besides, you will have a lot of Chinese friends who smile every day. I love the doctors here, and I love China.

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