Wish All Mothers Healthy

What have you done for your mother? Have you said “I love you” to her?

I am Jenny. My mother is Saaradi. She is 52 years old. 15 years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes. Though she was ill, she did not attach importance to her diet at all. She still likes dining with her friends and eating all kinds of meat. Not until 8 months ago, when my mother and I was cooking, she suddenly could not stand and her face became pale. I sent her to room for a rest. She told me that there was nothing wrong with her except a little dizziness and weakness, which may result from years of high blood pressure, and that there was no need to worry about her, and she would be better after taking some medicines.

In the afternoon, I took my mother to hospital for checkups. Lab report showed that her creatinine level elevated, and she was diagnosed with Diabetic Nephropathy. I asked our doctor: “Can my mother be cured?” I still clearly remembered his answer: “Considering her current condition, I suggest her control symptoms and illness condition. When it develops to advanced stage, dialysis or kidney transplant may be the only choice.”

I did not want her to go on dialysis or kidney transplant in the future. And I wanted to take her to see the best doctors in the world and give her the best treatment. Therefore, I began to search on internet on alternatives to dialysis. After several communication with Chinese doctors, I made the decision to China for treatment. After a couple days of preparation for visa and air ticket, we finally reached Beijing.

After the arrival to hospital, my mother did a thorough checkup. Result showed that her creatinine level was 695 umol/L, proteinuria 2+ and occult blood 1+. Experts there helped analyze her illness condition and made a systemic treatment plan. And then she began to accept Chinese medicine treatment every day. Chinese medicine is really amazing. Her condition got stable gradually, which made me feel secure.

Afterwards, I learned from expert’s talk that my mother’s illness was delayed, and if she could have received treatment as soon as she found proteinuria, she would not have those suffering like elevated creatinine level and massive proteinuria. If your mother or family members also have kidney problems, please take good care of them and persuade them to receive treatment when they find the disease. Only in this way can the disease be cured and those sufferings be avoided.

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