Kidney Disease Patient from Guatemala Came to China for Treatment

"After medicated bath, I felt very comfortable all over the body, fatigue and other discomforts all disappeared, it was so inconceivable!" Oscar from Guatemale said.

Different main and collateral channels of the human body correspond to different organs, and by the use of the power of medicine and heat power, it can promote blood circulation and warm blood vessels. Dr.Li in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital introduced Oscar that "in addition to medicated bath, there are many other Chinese therapies, like foot bath, fumigation, acupuncture, etc"

"Chinese medicine is very miraculous, it can bring us lots of miracles, it changed and saved my life, and made my life in the future more meaningful" Oscar said. After I returned home, I would surely tell my friends about this Chinese medicine, they would feel unbelievable. In our local place, in addition to dialysis and kidney transplant, there are no any other treatment options.

Oscar, 52 years of age, has a wife who loves him very much. 15 years ago, due to edema, he came to a hospital for a test, unluckily, kidney disease was diagnosed. Local doctors did not explain why he got kidney disease, just prescribed lots of oral medicines. During 15 years, his illness condition had not been controlled well, creatinine level began to increase, kidneys began to atrophy.

Oscar and his family searched for medical advises everywhere, by chance, he saw systemic Chinese medicine on the internet, after a series of understanding to Chinese medicine and communication with hospital, Oscar and his family decided to come to China for treatment.

After eliminating toxins in the blood with Chinese medicine, Oscar recovered quickly, illness condition was improved obviously, not only edema, urine protein, urine blood disappeared, also his appetite was increased. He was hopeful about life and often took nurses and translators to the supermarket shopping.

"Chinese people is very enthusiastic and friendly, you do not need to worry about anything after coming to China. People here will take care of you very well, just like your family members", Oscar said. "when I come to China again, I must visit The Great Wall and The Imperial Palace, and visit the famous scenic spots in Beijing. I love China, I love Chinese medicine culture, and I hope that more patients with kidney disease can recover quickly with the help of Chinese medicine treatment”

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