I Finally Say "Goodbye" to Years of Proteinuria

I am very grateful to Chinese medicine. The doctors and nurses staffs at Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital are very friendly and careful in their treatment. They patiently answered many of my questions about Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is very amazing!

My name is Roberto, 39 years old, from the beautiful Peru, an ordinary company employee. At the beginning of illness, every time when I worked in the office, I would feel back pain. I thought I was working too much so that did not pay attention. But slowly, proteinuria, eyelids and lower limb edema began to appear. At that time, I still thought it was ok when take a rest for a few days. I did not expect the situation had not been improved, but more serious. My face began to swollen, and immediately went to the hospital for examination, which found urine protein 3 +, occult blood 1 +, 24-hour urinary protein 3.6g, albumin 19.2g / L, I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.

At that time, I did not know much about the disease. The doctor gave me medicine. A month later, I felt obvious improvement. Urinalysis showed proteinuria became negative. So I excitedly left the hospital. After I came home, I reduced the dosage of drugs, my condition relapsed again, so I had to go back to the hospital to take medicine.

After going to the hospital for several times, I found once I reduced dose or ceased drugs, the condition would relapse. I really could not stand it after relapsed several times. I did not want to use western drug treatment and wanted to change method. Later, I asked a friend to help me find several other nephrology hospitals in Peru. I went to a lot of hospitals and treated with similar drugs. In a nephrotic syndrome group I joined, I happened to learn Chinese medicine, a new therapy. I was so excited that I searched the Internet for Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease and found Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

I met a few Chinese friends in my work. One of them, after hearing of my illness, gave me a lot of encouragement. She told me that many Chinese therapies are very different from western medicine and suggested that I could have a try in China. So I contacted to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital.

October, 16, 2017 is the first day I arrived at Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. After consultation, Doctor Yang said: “You have a long term of disease.” I was very surprised to hear that, without blood tests and laboratory tests, he could know how long I got the disease just through feeling my pulse and observing my face. I was surprised and I felt very magical.

When I arrived in China, edema on my body was obvious, and large amount of protein leaked in urine. The doctors at local hospital always gave me steroid therapy, but the illness would be relapsed, I could not accept the result. In China, my protein in urine reduced through the systematic treatment of Chinese medicine and the edema also disappeared. I was surprised at the effect of TCM treatment. My family was also very shocked. Now we all believe this hospital and I believe my illness will heal.

After a month of treatment, the test report showed my proteinuria became negative and occult blood also disappeared, 24-hour urinary protein was also normal. I looked at my test report, I really felt happy. I told this exciting news to my families in Peru. They were all happy for me, looking at my mom's cry, I really felt a lot of emotion. Chinese medicine helps me kepe away from years of nephritic syndrome, my kidneys returned to normal, my edema disappeared, and I became handsome again.

I really feel honored to be able to come to Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. Everything is fine here, all the doctors and nurses are friendly who helped me a lot, gave me a lot of confidence, and also taught a lot of useful exercise.

I like China, I will actively return visit and will also tell my patients friends. They can also feel this amazing Chinese medicine treatment. I really appreciate this hospital, let me cure five years of nephritic syndrome, let me back to normal life! Thank you very much!


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