Canadian Kidney Patient Seeks Treatment in China

Chinese medicine is really miraculous. After this period of treatment, I felt the good care of the doctors and nurses in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. Also they answered many of my questions to Chinese medicines. I trust Chinese medicine very much and would like to let more patients know Chinese medicine. And I want to show them a clear path.

I am Peter and 75 years old from Canada. One check lets me fall into the situation of fighting against disease. Protein is + and occult blood is +. Since I worry about my condition, my appetite is very poor. My wife worries about me and every day she takes care of me. She cooks delicious food for me and tries to keep my appetite.

In my local hospital, I need to take check up every month. I always follow the doctor’s instruction to take medications. However, I feel disappointed about every check up. My protein + increases to 3+ and occult blood increases to 2+. Finally my creatinine level increases as well and I am in kidney failure stage. My doctor tells me that this is the normal progression of the disease. But the doctor I consult this time lets me know more about magic Chinese medicines. My creatinine level is 3.5 and the doctor tells me Chinese medicine treatments can control the development of my condition effectively. And there are no side effects and my high creatinine level can be reduced.

After deep consideration and discussion with my wife, I decide to come to China for Chinese medicine treatments. I have high expectation for Chinese medicines. Though I am also a little scary, I am still on the journey.

I deeply remembered that day when I arrived at Beijing, it was Dr.Zhao that picked up me. On the road back, he told me some treatment planning. When I went through the procedures of hospitalization, my heart calmed down by the follow-up examination, consultation, treatment plan, diet plan, treatment and so on. I know that if I had attached importance to my illness condition, my creatinine would not be high. Now I still have hope and I see hope from Chinese medicine treatment. In fact, it does not disappoint me.

When I just come to China, my proteinuria is severe and creatinine level is 3.5mg/dl. My Canadian doctor always suggests me to take steroid therapy while the side effects of steroids make me scary. I can not accept steroids and my body can not bear this.

In China, with systematic Chinese medicine treatments, Peter's high creatinine level is reduced. Proteinuria and occult blood disappear. With the help of Chinese medicinal diet, my anemia is improved greatly. I hope in the future my children can experience the extensive and profound Chinese medicine.

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