Refractory Hematuria Disappeared, Nigeria Patient Successfully Avoid Kidney Transplant

I am very fortunate that I receive Chinese medicine, I am grateful to the Chinese medicine that helps me successfully avoid kidney transplant. I am no longer suffering from anemia nor frequent occurrence of hematuria. My name is suvi, 42 years old, from the Nigeria, I have familial polycystic kidney disease with refractory hematuria.

Over the years I have been suffering from complications of polycystic kidney disease. With the development of the disease, three years ago I was found creatinine elevated to 370umol / L, blood pressure 150 / 90mmHg and the urine began to appear a lot of blood. My sleep quality started to become poor, which often woke up from 2 to 3 in the morning and then it was hard to fall asleep again. This situation made me very upset. In addition, I also had loss of appetite, anemia and other conditions.

Local doctors had not very good treatment for my disease, my condition was getting worse and worse. The doctor advised me to wait for the kidney resource and prepare for kidney transplant. I did not want to wait for the new kidney because I had seen many patients who died of renal failure due to the deterioration of the disease during waiting for kidney transplant. I did not want to let the disease continue to deteriorate, did not want to die because of delayed treatment. So, I searched the Internet for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease, I knew the traditional Chinese medicine “Detoxification Therapy”, and eventually chose Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital for treatment.

I am very fortunate that I chose Chinese medicine treatment, using traditional Chinese medicine to help me repair some of the damaged kidney function. At the same time I regret that if I can accept Chinese medicine treatment earlier, I would not experience damaged kidney cells, elevated creatinine, and frequent hematuria.

After about 7 days of Chinese medicine treatment, my sleep quality had been greatly improved. I could go to bed every night at 10 o’clock and woke up at 6 o’clock the next morning. My appetite also increased, the symptom of anemia disappeared, and my complexion began to become rosy. The most satisfying thing is that my creatinine level was reduced to 320umol / L, blood pressure dropped to 140 / 90mmHg, years of hematuria also disappeared, and hemoglobin was close to normal.

Experts here told me that for familial hereditary polycystic kidney disease, whether international patients or domestic patients, they could not give up the hope of treatment. Active treatment can effectively control the development of the disease. In daily life, we must prevent trauma, prevent colds and well control blood pressure and diet. In addition, I understand that hematuria can be cured in the early stage of kidney disease, but the most terrible is delay the best treatment time due to the wrong treatment. I am really lucky that I received systematic Chinese medicine treatment without regret. It helped me to stay away from kidney transplant, get rid of stubborn hematuria, and live a normal life.

After receiving a month’s treatment in China, I returned home. I took Chinese traditional medicine according to my Chinese doctor’s advice and insisted on proper eating habits. A test report showed my creatinine level dropped to 290umol / L, blood pressure returned to the normal level of 120 / 80mmHg. So, I can not wait to share this good news with all of you, hoping more and more kidney disease people will realize the importance of early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

I sincerely wish all kidney disease people can regain a healthy body and have a bright future.

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