Fumigation and Steaming Therapy

Fumigation and Steaming Therapy is a kind of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can be also called Chinese Medicine Steam Bath Therapy. It is a kind of physical therapy which based on hot steam. This method was first used in clinical practice since the pre Qin Dynasty and tend to be mature in Qing Dynasty. Fumigation and Steaming Therapy is widely used in the treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The method of Fumigation and Steaming Therapy:

Put the Traditional Chinese Medicine into the machine and boil it. Patients lie on the machine and enjoy for about a half of hour.

The functions of Fumigation and Steaming Therapy on kidney disease:

1. eliminate toxins in the blood, improve the blood circulation and remove the toxin in their kidneys. And it also has a special effect on all kinds of edema.

2 improve the microcirculation of limbs and relieve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

3. activate cell to make the whole body cells active, effectively improve the physique, enhance the immune ability.

4. strengthen function, stimulate the human body micro circulation system, improve human body function.

5. relieve fatigue, make body relax and relieve the pressure so that make patients in good mood and rejuvenation.

For kidney disease patients:

Fumigation and Steaming Therapy detoxicates by sweating and diuresis, which makes ammonia metabolism and uric acid in body to be removed out through the skin. And the Chinese medicines used in this therapy are all from nature, so there is no any side effect on patients.