Umbilical Therapy

There are mainly several types of umbilical therapy: drug application on navel, umbilical sticking, fill in the navel with medicine, umbilical ironing, smoking navel, moxibustion at the navel and so on.

Efficacy of Umbilical Therapy:

When we are taking umbilical therapy, we can feel warm in our navel which later spread to the whole abdomen. This is very helpful for promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerating the excretion of toxins from the body, improving sleep quality, making someone’s spirited, relaxed, comfortable and energic.

Also, Umbilical Therapy clears and activates the channel and collateral as well as promotes Qi and relieve pain. Therefore, when warm and hot medicines are worked on navel, channels and collaterals will be connected, Qi and blood will be activated, which follows the principle of “You won’t ache when you have good blood circulation”. This therapy is especially effective in dealing with arthralgia, numbness of teh extremities and various ache diseases.

Characteristic of Umbilical Therapy:

Umbilical therapy is very simple to operate. Usually, one replacement is needed every 3-7 days. This operation involves no decocting, medication, infection. Also, it avoids the destruction of the drug as well as the harm to related organs. Umbilical Therapy is especially suitable for those who are afraid of bitter taste from taking medicine, pain feeling from injection, long needles in acupuncture, vomiting while taking medicine and so on.

The dose in Umbilical Therapy is very small. In general, only 2-4 sticker can be effective.

Precautions of Umbilical Therapy:

Umbilical Therapy needs to be operated inside. Patients, especially weak persons, elders and kids, need to pay attention to keep warm, so as to avoid catching a cold.

A routine disinfection on navel and surrounding skin with cotton ball immersed by 75% alcohol before the treatment, so as to avoid infection. Patients with skin damage is usually not recommended to take Umbilical Therapy.